A Leadership Transition

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Dear American Youth Foundation Community:

For 20 years the American Youth Foundation has had the amazing good fortune to have had Anna Kay Vorsteg serve as its president. It is a bittersweet moment when we realize it is time to say “aloha.”

Prior to her role as president of the AYF, Anna Kay dedicated her career to empowering youth to discover their best while working in different roles at the AYF. Throughout the years she has brought strong leadership focused on youth empowerment, a commitment to holding our organization to the highest standards, a robust and joy-filled laugh with thoughtfulness to everything she does, and a steady hand at the tiller. Anna Kay has been the AYF’s greatest advocate.

One of Anna Kay’s greatest gifts is her impeccable timing. She knows when to lead and when to let others take the helm. A few years ago, the Board of Directors, in partnership with Anna Kay, invested in strengthening the organization by planning her succession. With that plan in place and the momentum of the organization, Anna Kay realized the time is now. The torch of leadership could be passed, and the Board trusted her sense of timing. It is time for a new runner to grab the torch and go.

As of January 1, 2024, Liz Marshall will be the President of the American Youth Foundation.  A graduate of Yale University, Liz also holds a master’s degree from the Harvard Graduate School of Education. While her career began as Program Director at The Hole in the Wall Gang Camp and as an educator at the Dana Hall School, Liz is an AYF lifer. She began as a camper and later served for 14 years as Girls’ Camp Director at Miniwanca.

Recognizing Liz Marshall’s leadership capabilities and her passion for the AYF mission, Anna Kay and the Board asked Liz to take on a senior role as head of the Advancement team, and most recently as vice president of the organization. Liz brings seasoned professional experience from inside and outside the AYF, a deep appreciation for the power of our programs in the lives of our participants, and a firsthand understanding of the context we are now operating in.

Liz has the full support of the Board as we begin this new chapter of leadership at the American Youth Foundation. We have seen Liz shine in her role and are confident that she is ready to carry the organization into the future. Liz is a dynamic thinker, a respected leader, and a deep believer in the Four-Fold way of life. As Board Chair, I am thrilled that Liz is grabbing the torch. As someone who has known and worked with Liz for years, I know that the organization will be in great hands.

“Aloha” Anna Kay as you have run the most magnificent race, and “aloha” Liz as you begin your leg in our long tradition of excellent leadership. As my great-grandfather William H. Danforth said, “Onward!”

All my best,
DD Danforth Burlin, Board Chair