A day in the life of a Merrowvista camper

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Pioneers and Seekers are very busy during their two or three weeks at camp. Although some days are unique, most days stick to a solid routine to give the campers form and predictably as they go about their days.

At Merrowvista, we use a bell that people can hear from the entire camp to let them know of transitions to the next activity.

The first bell to ring is the rising bell to wake up the community for the day. Following the rising bell is Go-Getters, a time for physical activity like a morning jog, yoga, or a morning swim, designed to jump-start everyone’s day before breakfast.

After Go-Getters is flag-raising. This is a time for each village to lead a short reflection about a common theme, like service or gratitude, with the community. Next is breakfast in the White Mountains Eating Lodge.

Once everyone is through with eating, there is time to clean up the cabins before heading to the two-morning interest groups when campers choose an activity to try for a week, such as sailing, woodworking, improv, etc.

Lunch occurs every day at 12:30 p.m., followed by an hour of “easy time” when campers head back to their cabins to rest and take a nap or read a book from the camp library, followed by another interest group.

Village time is the next item on the schedule, when villages bond over different activities. Depending on the day, it could consist of doing the high challenge ropes course in the activity center or raft building at the waterfront.

Your Time is the hour before dinner when campers can choose what to do given the options open for the day like the waterfront, arts and crafts, or athletics. At dinner, the camp learns what the the Night’s Doings will be – camp-wide activities that happen after the meal. Some of the most popular activities include Capture the Flag, Melbourne Cup (cardboard box chariot-style racing), and the camper talent show.