10 Strategies to Be Your Best Self

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Dock Dive 2018

Here at Merrowvista, it’s no secret that we strive to be our best selves! Campers go through their daily routines and activities while being guided by our motto, “My own self, at my very best, all the time. ” But, what exactly does it mean to be your best self all the time? This question can sometimes be hard and daunting. Being your best self looks different for every person, and is always changing. From our most experienced staff members, to our newest 2 week pioneers, we are all on the ever flowing journey of becoming our best self. Check out these strategies to being your best self from members of our very own community!

1. “I focus on the present and try to stay aware of my surroundings, and of others.” –Elise, Chocorua Village

2. “Don’t let people change you.” –Will, White Cap Village

3. “I constantly ask myself how I can do things better next time.” –Bailey, Art & Crafts Specialist

4. “Live in the moment, so you can stay positive.” –Aaron, Mahoosuc Village

5. “I like to stay positive and bring energy to my village when I can feel that they need it! I am my best self, when my campers are happy and safe.” –Miles, Katahdin Leader

6. “Something that helps me be my best self is dancing with myself and others, even when there is no music playing.” –Caroline, Rhyolite Coordinator

7. “Never give up on the task that you are doing!” –Jed, Madison Village

8. “Be kind to yourself and to others.” –Shea, Tri-Pyramid Village

9. “I like to make sure that there is inspiring music present to help me keep my mind nimble and amused, which gives me joy in the face of uncertainty, challenge and gloom.” –Oliver, Four Trails Coordinator

10. “I keep an open mind and an open door to whoever needs my help.” –Paul, Health Center Nurse