Volunteers help in vital ways throughout the summer. Whether you are there for a few days or a few weeks, you can truly make an impact.

Miniwanca’s summer camp programs are intentionally designed. We encourage campers to discover their best, live a balanced life and contribute to a positive community. As a Miniwanca Volunteer you will be part of that vibrant community, contributing your time and efforts to help camp run smoothly for all campers.

You can make a positive impact on the Miniwanca community in many ways. As a volunteer, you can help in the office, the garden, driving campers, leading or supporting Interest Groups, chaperoning the St. Louis bus, and so much more. Whether you are here for one week or the full summer, your presence will make a difference.

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Miniwanca Volunteers...

  • Are excited to give of their time and skills.

  • Want to be a part of a positive, inclusive community.

  • Have at least one year of college or equivalent life experience.

  • Go through an application and interview process similar to staff members.

  • Must be able to pass a state background check.

  • Frequently Asked Questions

    What do the living arrangements look like?

    Most of our volunteers will live in our dorm style lodgings, rooming either privately or with one other person. The bathrooms are shared spaces. We ask all volunteers to bring bed linens with them unless they are arriving via the St. Louis Bus or by airplane.

    What if I have dietary needs?

    Miniwanca is able to work with a variety of dietary needs and allergies. At each meal, Miniwanca will provide a dairy free, gluten free, and vegetarian option. Miniwanca is peanut and tree nut aware and will not serve anything with those products in it. Some snacks and desserts may be created in a facility that uses peanuts or tree nuts, and safe alternatives will be offered when those are the general option.

    How are volunteer roles chosen?

    As with any position at Miniwanca, choosing volunteers and what their roles will be is a delicate balance of who is available, what their skill sets are, and what Miniwanca needs. Once you have applied to be a volunteer, one of the camps directors will reach out to you to arrange an interview in which you will talk about your skills and how you can help serve Miniwanca’s needs.

    What does a typical day at Miniwanca look like for a volunteer?

    Miniwanca volunteers will spend approximately 6 hours of each day assisting in their assigned role at camp.

    I want to volunteer but...

    On occasion we have volunteers who want to give of their time but also “just want to spend some time at Miniwanca and enjoy the beach and grounds”. Miniwanca is certainly a special and beautiful place to be, but our primary obligation and responsibility will always be to the young people trusted to our care. Therefore, it is critical that we are staffing our programs with the best possible people and in compliance with our annual staffing plan. Sometimes it is simply not appropriate to offer a volunteer position if that position is not needed or does not fit with the goals of the community.

    Volunteer staff are expected to contribute to the community in the same way as paid staff and attend all appropriate trainings, meetings, and meet other responsibilities as outlined in their Service Agreement.

    I have children too young to be campers and want to bring them with me. Is that possible?

    We are not always able to offer childcare for the children of volunteers who are too young to participate in camp programs. If you have young children, please consult with the Program Director to discuss options including bringing another adult to care for your young child at camp.