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Campers entering grade 12

Odyssey campers will complete their Four Trails journey with a five-week experience featuring a hiking trip that will inspire powerful moments of awe and discovery – from a day of hiking in the rain to enjoying the serenity from the top of a mountain peak as they backpack through the last 100 north bound miles of the Appalachian Trail in Maine.

Odyssey groups spend their first days at camp preparing for their adventure and gaining confidence in their gear before leaving for three weeks on trail. Groups venture through boulder fields, old growth forests, and alpine terrain. Campers carry all the individual and group gear they will need on a day-to-day basis, with a resupply of food and equipment at the halfway point of the journey.

Upon their return to Miniwanca, they will share their insight with the camp community and receive their well-earned jackets.

2024 Dates and Rates

Campers entering grade 12

July 7 through Aug. 9 (five weeks)
Rate: $8,050



The AYF is committed to making summer camp accessible to all youth. As a nonprofit foundation fueled by generous donations from our alumni and families, the AYF offsets the price of every program for every participant. AYF also offers need-based financial aid and sibling discounts.

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“Our daughter comes home full of confidence and inner peace, ready for the next school year! Her heart is full of wonderful memories and time spent with good, good friends. So many great stories to share with her family. Thank you for the positive, values-laden influence you and others like you have on her during her stay at camp and on trail.”

– Miniwanca Camper Parent