AYF Onsite Photo Policy

Summers at Miniwanca and Merrowvista provide a rare opportunity for youth in our care to slow down, live simply, and experience community in beautiful, outdoor settings. Campers reconnect with nature and disconnect from smartphones, social media, video games, and other technology by leaving their devices at home.

We understand families appreciate the reassurance of seeing their smiling camper having a wonderful summer. Unfortunately, we have learned from experience it is not possible to provide quality photos of every camper, every day, and that the camera’s constant presence during daily activities interferes with the spirit of simple living in a disconnected community.

As always, we seek to find balance between documenting the campers’ experiences and honoring the technology-free life we so carefully build as a community each summer. With this balance in mind, we have revised our Onsite Photo Policy for 2022.

We will continue to offer free, password-protected access to photos taken at camp. These photos will be uploaded to the camp SmugMug twice a week. Photos from Four Trails trips will be available online when groups have returned to camp. Families will receive SmugMug login information via email once their camper’s session begins. They will also receive a printed photo of their camper’s cabin group and a link to the summer highlights slideshow at the end of their session.

Families are encouraged to keep in touch with their camper via mailed letters, one-way emails, and care packages, and to follow regular updates on the camp blogs. We appreciate your understanding and support for this important, mission-driven shift in our photo policy.