Nicole Gerome

Recruitment & Retention Manager

Nicky returns to Merrowvista after a 12-year hiatus. She first came to camp as the childcare specialist in 2001. That first summer was transformative summer and positively impacted the trajectory of her life. She spent the following 10 summers at Merrowvista and worked full-time for a few years as the Four Trails Coordinator.

Nicky is passionate about education. After earning an undergraduate degree in sociology and her master’s in education, she worked as a middle-school social studies teacher in Wyoming and New Hampshire public schools. Her love for adventure and travel took her to Antarctica, where she worked six seasons supporting science projects with the National Science Foundation.

She is thrilled to be back living and working in Canaan Valley. Nicky loves to see youth challenge themselves to be their best, to learn, laugh, and grow together on trail, in their villages, and in their school communities.