Annie Oliverio

Advancement Manager

Annie found her way to the American Youth Foundation in 2005 shortly after graduating from college after an internship at an animal shelter solidified her desire to work in the nonprofit world. She was drawn to the mission of inspiring youth to discover and develop their best self and live balanced lives while working to make their communities better.

After seven years of full time work in AYF’s development office and summers working as a facilitator at the National Leadership Conference (including as a mentor to the Winyeya Class of 2012), Annie went on to work for other educational organizations, including De La Salle Middle School, Washington University in St. Louis, and the Greater St. Louis Arts and Education Council.

Annie was drawn back to the mission of the AYF in summer 2019, when she rejoined the organization as Advancement Manager, focusing on the financial aspects of the department, and she is thrilled to be back working for such a wonderful and important mission with such a dedicated team.