Alice Volkov

Advancement Manager and Board Liason

Alice (she/her) grew up spending most of her summers at Miniwanca or Merrowvista in camp and with Four Trails, and she returned to Miniwanca to work as a Four Trails Leader between semesters at Mount Holyoke College. She’s a third-generation “Miniwancan” and is passionate about helping young adults find their paths to growth. Before returning to work for the AYF, she worked in several outdoor recreation and fundraising roles in Wisconsin and New Jersey.

Alice firmly believes her experience in the Four Trails programs at both Miniwanca and Merrowvista deeply contributed to the development of her confidence in the outdoors and as a well developed and social human being. She is committed to empowering young adults to develop their confidence and social skills.

Participating in the Odyssey Hike at Merrowvista inspired Alice to thru-hike the entire Appalachian Trail before going to college. She also rowed crew with a team in Russia while studying abroad, and she loves to travel by train.