Adam “Boots” Smetana

Facilities Manager

Adam, better known to the Merrowvista community as “Boots,” got his start with the American Youth Foundation in 2009 as a Four Trails trip leader. After that, he worked as a school programs assistant and then worked on the facilities team before he left the AYF for a time to work at REI as an outdoor school instructor and sales floor lead. He also launched a tree care and landscape management business after working on backcountry trail development in Maine.

Boots returned to Merrowvista in summer 2021 to develop and help lead the Wayfinder program, which allowed campers make a lasting contribution Merrowvista while learning trail maintenance, construction skills, and collaborative project management. He’s passionate about experiential education, sustainability, efficiency, the outdoors, and he’s excited to teach young people the value of hard work, dedication, and commitment to a common cause.