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“What you do today and in the immediate days that follow is the thing that will prove whether or not you possess the spirit of the few who DARE.” – William H. Danforth

I Dare You!

William H. Danforth

I Dare You by William H. DanforthWilliam H. Danforth (1870-1956), founder of the Ralston Purina Company and one of the founders of the American Youth Foundation, lived his life by our four fold philosophy—believing in a balance between mental, physical, social and spiritual capacities. We present the original version of the text, written in 1931. Though some of the language and examples are specific to the social and cultural landscape of the time, the essential challenge—the dare to be one’s best, to live a balanced life, and to serve others—is timeless.



William H. Danforth

Action by William H. DanforthWilliam H. Danforth delivered inspirational Monday Morning Messages to his employees at the Ralston Purina Company at the start of every week. Around 1929, he gathered a collection of these messages into a book, Action. His words are imbued with a sense of gratitude for the people and the causes he spotlights, while continuing to emphasize the core elements of his belief in best self and balanced living. Similar to I Dare You, this original version contains examples typical of its era.