!Yad sdrawkcaB – Backwards Day

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LITS rang the Turn of the Road bell as an invitation to rise and gather on the beach for Evening Reflection. Cabin groups arrived donning shirts, hats and even pants backwards. Adventurous souls walked in reverse to usher in Backwards Day at Camp Miniwanca!

In the warm Golden glow of the morning sun, Cabin 43 shared insight on the word equity and their individual life experiences. To frame their thoughts, the cabin first shared the definition of equity: “the state, quality or ideal of being just, impartial and fair.” The concept of equity is synonymous with fairness and justice.

Cabin 43 closed the quiet time with a dare. “I dare you, Miniwanca family, to reflect on what we’ve shared about equity throughout the day and moving forward in your lives.”

Next up on our Backwards Day: pizza for dinner, of course! Joyous giggles filled the Eating Lodge as Girls Camp emptied platters of warm cheese and pepperoni pizza for their first meal of the day.

As the day in reverse continued, the both Boys and Girls Camp Wayfinder groups gathered together on Stony Lake for “The Canoe Extravaganza,” as the campers coined it. Blowing east, the wind created continuous paddling challenges as it blew boats toward the Lily Pad at Sky Bridge.  Teamwork ensued, making the Wayfinders victorious in their return to the Boat House.  Next up, swimming and jumping off the docks at Sky Bridge.


On Lake Michigan beach, the Boys Camp community basked in the afternoon warmth, romped in the waves and showed friendly competition on the basketball and volleyball courts.

Tall stacks of warm pancakes, crispy bacon, steaming scrambled eggs, and fruit greeted campers at the dinner tables. After dinner, to a drumroll created by hands pounding on tables, staff announced the Night’s Doings: Leader Safari. Campers assembled in the Eating Lodge wearing tied shoes, as there were wild animals, exotic sea creatures, and even unicorns running loose at Camp Miniwanca!

The Draws, Dunes, Ridges, and Trails competed for points as they attempted to find and corral the animals back to the Eating Lodge. The hunt was boisterous, as these wild animals kept escaping from their Quad zoos.

As the day drew to a close, another rare animal sighting! The Polar Bears emerged taking a sunset dip on the Lake Michigan beach front. In the darkness of the early night, Camp Miniwanca fell silent as campers rested for the next day’s journey.


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