Woody the hedgehog is on the loose…

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A camp-wide hunt for a missing wooden hedgehog is underway at Merrowvista. Facilities Infrastructure Manager made Woody the hedgehog in the woodshop, and each morning, a staff member hides Woody somewhere at camp.

At breakfast, the entire community gets a clue about where Woody might have wandered. Campers may encounter Woody anywhere, at any time. Those campers who find the hedgehog get to sign their names on them.

On Monday, the younger campers had fun at the County Fair. The fair included many activities like metal-can bowling, scooter racing, and other yard games. Participants earned tickets for each activity they completed. Those tickets allowed them to put staff in a “music box,” which they could only escape from by singing karaoke.

Meanwhile, Four Trails campers started their camp service project to reimagine and reconstruct the iconic camp bell tower. The project consists of tearing down the old structure, replacing the roof, and adding benches where people can sit to reflecting after flag raising. They are also helping clean and rebuild the two rock walls near the green top (basketball court) and the Bahn.

After breakfast on Tuesday, campers were surprised by the Duke of Ducks, who bore an official proclamation for Merrowvista’s first Duck Day. The day consisted of many duck-centric activities like a rubber duck race at the waterfront and an opportunity for campers to spend time with live ducks.

On Wednesday, some of the Four Trails campers left for a five-day backing trip to the Mahoosuc range in Maine. We look forward to welcoming them when they return to hear all about their adventures.

We are more than halfway through Session A for the two-week campers, and they are heading home soon. But before they go, the two-week Pioneers will still experience the magic of Candlelight Sing and Wish Day. Wish Day is a chance for campers to try any activities they missed or would like to do again.