A Windy Day on the Dunes

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The Dune Tribe at Tribal Games

Lake Michigan welcomed back campers this morning for the summer’s first Polar Bear!! The wind was chilling but the water kept brave early-risers warm as they charged through the waves. Morning stretch woke us all up as we danced around the hollow. The eggs and home-fries at breakfast kept everyone warm from the wind. Oh, and don’t forget about the onsies this Tuesday, they kept snuggled campers feeling as if they never left their bunks.

After a little Camper Free Time, Pipers, Juniors, Seniors, and Four Trail groups gathered by age group for CORE (connect, orient, reflect, and empower) to learn this year’s flash mob!! After the campers quickly mastered the dance, they headed off to their morning Interest Groups. Around the crafthouse gathered Paint & Jam and Crafthouse Medley practiced their painting and decoupaging skills. On the Liz Grey Deck, Wanca Spa goers worked on their french braids. In the hollow, Sports of All Sorts quickly caught onto juggling and then played cricket. Everyone in Pottery Party worked on pinch pots and other bowl shaped creations. Hard at work in the Woodshop, campers began measuring and cutting stools. Up in Ohle, Yoga and Meditation relaxed and practiced soothing breathing. After a hike around Miniwanca, Hike & Dip took a dip! The rest of the campers trekked down to the Waterfront for a morning full of Paddle Sports and Intro to Sailing. After their first interest group, even more skills and adventures awaited in interest group 2 such as Archery, Paper Crafts, Melty Things, Mosaics, and Robotics.

Soon, the lunch bell sounded and after giving thanks and a moment of gratitude, everyone enjoyed sandwiches and veggie sticks to power through the rest of the day. A nap was needed before conquering the afternoon though, so everyone headed to their cabins for a peaceful Rest Hour.

Refreshed and energized, the Dunes and Trails met in the Hollow for kickball and GagaBall to win their tribes Tribal Points for the Tribal Shield at the end of the session. The Ridges and Draws met on the Green Acre for Newk ‘Em. After an hour of playing and cheering, campers met for there afternoon interest groups. Paddle Sports, Pool Party, and Experienced Sailing splashed around down at the waterfront. Climbers at High Ropes tested their comfort zones as they ascended to new and daring heights. Crafty campers stretched their creativity in Crafthouse Medley, Printmaking, and Dreamcatchers. Book lovers found a cozy spot in sand for Reading with a View. After a quick snack, interest groups 4 began, including Archery, Forts of All Sorts, Bracelet Bonanza, Beach Time, and Zumba.

Before dinner campers had some Free Time to enjoy more swimming, bracelets, teatherball, or time to relax. Everyone gathered at dinner for another Gratitune (a song of gratitude sung at every meal) and for Taco Tuesday and cookies for dessert!! After post-meal responsibilities, campers gathered with their tribes once again for Night’s Doings. Tonight it was Amazing Race! Tribes worked together to solve clues and perform tasks for their next clue, the ultimate scavenger hunt!

The evening wound down as the sun descended toward the horizon, and cabins trailed locked-armed to the beach of Lake Michigan for Vespers. Cabin 27 reflected on Imagination to end a full, busy, successful day here at Miniwanca.