White Caps on the Lake Welcome Session B Campers

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Camper Smiles 2016

Opening Day

A stormy morning gave way to a gorgeous, windy opening day at Miniwanca Girls Camp as we welcomed 108 campers for Session B. Combined with our excellent staff, the Miniwanca community this session comprises 28 states and 9 countries!   Lake Michigan was at her beautiful best with brisk winds whipping up waves for a beautiful view as campers came to the Upper Tipi for greetings and registration. 

Before enjoying their first meal of pasta with marinara sauce and garlic bread, new and old friends settled into their cabins and played ice-breaker games in the Hollow. We learned routines in our Eating Lodge and met our fun and fabulous LITs (Leaders in Training).

Following dinner, campers were already signing up for their Interest Groups. Campers made great decisions in selecting their classes for the week, choosing from Fairy Houses, Woodshop, Sailing, Pottery, Sports of all Sorts, Knitting, and Yoga, just to name a few!

White caps on Lake Michigan for opening day
White caps on Lake Michigan for opening day

Our Opening Night celebration in the Assembly began in song. Ask your campers to sing “Ratlin Bog” when they get home and get ready to join in! The LIT’s wore crazy costumes and acted out a typical Miniwanca day. The age group Coordinators and our terrific cabin leaders surprised everyone with the brand new flashmob dance. 

Assembly culminated with a dramatic introduction of the Tribal Leaders– Bria, Emma, Hailey, Bess, Ailish, Ellie and Nell found out which tribes they would be leading– Draws, Dunes, Ridges, or Trails. As each cabin number was called, campers cheered wildly and looked around at their new teammates.

Winding down in their cabins to get to know each other, campers shared wishes and expectations for their time at camp. We drifted off to sleep to the sound of the carillon – a perfect ending to a beautiful first day!