Well Site Day!

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Lake Michigan, Miniwanca, Boys Camp, Well Site

It’s been a truly perfect day in Boys Camp today! We enjoyed the break in the early week heat and it provided the perfect chance for us to have an exciting adventure.

After some tasty sausages, french toast, and oranges for breakfast, camp was well underway. Campers had their final morning interest group for this round of IGs and then headed straight out to the Well Site after rest hour! The Well Site is on the far south end of our property, about a half mile or so hike from Boys Camp. Hanging out there provides campers a chance to chill, hammock, play around, and have time in Lake Michigan! After a fun and relaxing afternoon we all headed back to Boys Camp for dinner on Bryant Field.

We rounded out the night with a few fun adventures for all. The Darers and Challengers took on the staff in a wildly competitive game of Camper vs. Staff Soccer. The Avail campers also had a ton of fun, and engaged in a co-ed Boys and Girls Camp Avail 4 way capture the flag bonanza! It was an incredible night full of lots of adventure for everyone.

Now, as the sun sets over Miniwanca, campers are snuggling down in their sleeping bags and readying themselves for another grand adventure tomorrow.