Welcome to the Wild West

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smiling girls with spa products

After a rainy night, we awoke to clearing skies and warmer air. We did a quick Polar Bear dip and then gathered for Morning Stretch presented by our youngest campers. We danced along to the Flashmob in the Hollow and walked quietly into the Eating Lodge for a yummy breakfast of make-your-own Miniwanca McMuffins.

During morning free time, campers returned to Tribal Meetings where they are busily preparing for tomorrow night’s Council Circle. Excited friends were hard at work, sharing creative and wacky ideas for their large group skits.

Our Adventurers took off for a loaded bike ride to neighboring Montague. They are completing final preparations and packing to leave on their bike adventure through coastal Michigan in the morning. Our Odyssey riders focused on learning cycle maintenance and the Team Challenge course tonight. Explorers will take their cycle shakedown ride tomorrow as they prepare for their longer trip on Saturday.

This afternoon, the LIT’s led an entertaining Assembly before we headed out to day four of Interest Groups– reaching the conclusion of classes like Wanca Spa, where campers used their homemade products. ¬†Warm breezes made for great conditions for paddling on Stony Lake and exploring the dunes.

After a delicious turkey dinner, we gathered in the Hollow to play Wild West Showdown. Campers hunted for silver while leaders tried to steal it back as silly robbers. We circled around for some favorite competitions– Hog Calling and Pyramid building, before a final round of searching for loot.

We closed out the evening with a quiet reflection in the Upper Tipi, where we sang True Colors and heard about inspiring leaders in our campers’ lives. It’s hard to believe that we are heading into our last full day with our one week campers! Our happy, tired campers headed right for bed after a satisfying day.