Welcome Session B Campers

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Miniwanca, Adventurer, Girls Camp, Michigan

Welcome to Session B, Miniwanca family and friends! We’re so excited to have this blog space to share a little piece of our Miniwanca experience with here. Here you’ll get to know a bit about what goes on at Miniwanca, what we eat, what we do, and what we’re excited about.

Today, many of our Session B campers arrived. The one week and three week campers entered amidst cheers and celebrations. Through the afternoon, the campers trickled in and were met by cabin leaders, old friends, and those who will soon be their new friends! We enjoyed some games in the Hollow, a brief introduction to the Crafthouse and Eating Lodge, and then had a comforting pasta dinner.

After dinner the campers signed up for Interest Groups, the activities they’ll participate in all week. Once they had their schedules set, the campers headed to our Council Circle. We sang some songs, had some introductory skits, and learned a little more about our Miniwanca traditions. We headed back to our cabins as the sun set to get ready for a full day tomorrow.