Welcome Home Adventurers

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Welcome to one of our favorite days at Miniwanca! We started off the morning with our typical Polar Bear before the rising bell and a Morning Stretch with our Flashmob to wake us up. We ate some yummy bagels and fruit before heading out to our Typical Day. After so much adventure yesterday and all through the weekend we were ready for a touch of normalcy again.

Interest Groups had us sailing, paddle boarding, swimming, crafting, getting ready for the Camper Frolic (a theater production) and more. Just around noon some rain rolled in and we had a quick soaker. Before even 15 minutes had passed, though, the rain was gone and it was time to celebrate Adventurers returning to camp! These campers were dropped off at the tip of the Mitten of Michigan almost two weeks ago and have been cycling their way home ever since. They’re seen coastal towns galore, including Traverse City, hiked in the great sand dunes of Sleeping Bear Dunes, and tested their strength on Arcadia hill. We’re so proud of them and happy to have them home.

After a happy reentry, we all headed to a lunch of grilled cheese and tomato soup. Rest Hour was quickly followed by Assembly with the LITs and then we headed into afternoon Interest Groups. After a happy few hours of rock climbing, archery, crafts, reading, swimming, and more, the campers headed to Free Time and then a dinner of chicken stir fry.

Campers were so excited to head out from dinner for an amazing Night’s Doings of Safari! The leaders dressed up as animals and the campers traveled around camp on a safari to find them. We’re still waiting on the tally of the points and the campers can’t wait to hear the score. Right now, every point could not count more! The distance between first place and fourth in our Quad competition can be measured in a Night’s Doings win.

Right now, the campers are safely and snuggly nested in their cabins, rain flaps pulled down as we experience some rain and wind. We’re excited to see what tomorrow brings!