Welcome to Boys Camp, Session B!

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Crisp 2016

Thanks to all of our parents and campers for joining Boys Camp yesterday. We were a little nervous that it would rain, but the clouds cleared just as the gates opened. The old adage that “It never rains at Boys Camp” holds true!

After getting through the registration line, campers journeyed to their cabins for a chance to pick their bunk, get settled, and say goodbye to their parents. And once everyone from the cabin had arrived, they started to play games, tour camp, and get to know each other. That process took until dinner, when we all gathered for a delicious pasta dinner! Everyone learned about family style dining, and how to build a positive community during a meal.

crispAfter dinner all of Boys Camp journeyed to Council Circle for Opening Assembly during which we met all of the staff and campers, sang a few songs, and learned the basic rules of Boys Camp. After assembly each cabin left for a cabin chat to set their rules and expectations for themselves.

Thank you for allowing us to share your camper for the next one or three weeks! We are excited to get to know them, and watch the adventures that happen around them!