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Boys Camp Director Philip James

Leadership is at the heart of Miniwanca’s programs, as outstanding role models provide guidance and inspiration for our campers and staff. This fall we conducted a nationwide search for a new Boys Camp Director, seeking a leader who would serve as a catalyst for growth and excellence in our programs serving the young men of Miniwanca. We are thrilled to announce that we have hired a leader who brings both experience and insight to our Boys Camp. Philip James comes to us from Project Morry in New York, a nationally recognized youth development program, where he served as a leader and Program Director for the past 10 years.

Growing up in Port Charlotte, Florida, Philip has always had a passion for empowering young people and creating programs that inspire youth to live at their best. During his tenure at Project Morry, Phil served as the Boys Program and Community Coordinator for Morry’s Camp, a program focused on giving young men greater voice and freedom in making positive decisions for their lives. Project Morry is a year-round non-profit organization focused on offering young people from under-resourced communities the chance to “envision and establish a positive future.” As Phil explains, “I am passionate about creating more inclusive spaces for all people regardless of their race, gender or social economic status.”

As he enters the Miniwanca community, Philip is looking forward to learning about the many traditions that make Boys Camp such a positive and supportive community. Philip braved the winter weather and moved to Michigan just after New Year’s day, settling into Cardinal Cottage in the thick of a snow storm. During his first week in the office, he worked closely with the Miniwanca Camps Team to learn about the Boys Camp schedule, in-camp and Four Trails programs, and unique elements such as the 5th Year Banquet and Assembly skits. We explored snow covered buildings and began to dream about how these spaces will look and sound once the snow melts, the green returns and the voices of campers fill the air.

Philip’s primary focus for the summer is to create “a safe space where youth are surrounded by a network of support helping them to reach their goals, realize their potential, and become future leaders.”  He is already at work assembling a strong summer staff team, so please spread the word if you know of impressive young men who could contribute to the Boys Camp team.

We look forward to supporting Philip and working together to create another strong, welcoming community that beckons youth to join us on the dunes to play, reflect, grow, and live at their best.