Merrowvista update July 6, 2016

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Hello parents, back again with another update but before we get into what we’ve been up to since last time I wanted to let you all know that we’ve been getting some feedback from you guys asking for more updates  so I will now be updating the blog with a new post every other day. okay now let’s get to what you’re really here for, the campers.

When we left off the 2 week Pioneers were preparing for their overnights and the Trailblazers were returning to camp. while the 2-weekers made preparations for their exciting out of camp adventures, the rest of us were enjoying a beach party down at the waterfront.  It was a beautiful day full of sunshine, a picture perfect beach day actually. as the Trailblazers returned from their time away they trickled down to join us at the waterfront where we were doing all the classic beach activities like making sandcastles, playing beach volleyball and  most importantly, splashing around in the water! the water was cool and refreshing on the hot summer day and with the speakers blaring feel good music it was a perfect welcome home for the Trailblazers. After a great day at the beach we finished off the day with a game of Founderly Feud, the Merrowvista version of Family Feud. For the game, campers were given surveys a few days ago with questions like which staff member is most likely to be the next Merrowvista Camp Director and if I could rename Dan Hole Pond, I would call it… On game night, everyone gathered together, contestants were called to the stage, and campers and staff worked together to figure out the most popular answers for each question.

the next day was 4th of July! we celebrated America’s birthday with lots of fun activities. we started the day with world day. All the staff members who have knowledge on other countries gave some short presentations on them. We had some fourth of July themed interest groups like a game of capture the flag between team America and team England, the campers tried to change the course of history when the Brits won! after that we had a nice picnic dinner to end the day. There was barbecue and popsicles and all kinds of festive American themed decorations.

Yesterday it was back to regular camp scheduling as campers went back to doing their normal interest groups. for Night’s Doings we had Low Council, very similar to Opening Council but a little more relaxed as everyone knows each other now. Villages sang songs that they have developed a connection to over their time here together so far and reflected on the time they have left at Merrowvista this summer. It was a really good night filled with energetic songs and happy campers excited to gather together at a council once again.

Today has been one hot hot day. It was another normal start to the day and staff  took extra care to make sure everyone stays hydrated and lathered up in sunscreen. But as the day progresses its becoming less about the sun and more about the activities we have planned for the day. Tonight is another themed dinner – 50’s Dinner! I was really impressed to see how into the theme dinner everyone got. Everyone dressed crazy for crazy dinner but that’s easy, there was some fine effort put into everyone’s costumes for 50’s Dinner. There were poodle skirts and ponytails with bows, I even saw a couple Elvis’s walking around! The dinner was complimented with 50’s music while we ate which really set the mood but then when music from Greece started playing dinner basically transformed into a sock hop! everyone was having a lot of fun living in the 50’s spirit and to top it off we had root beer floats for dessert!

After all that 50’s fun we ended the day with an event I had really been looking forward to, the talent show! Who would have guessed we have so many talented singers, magicians, dancers, and performers in the mix here at Merrowvista? We should have brought in a producer to hear these kids, they could have all been signed! outside of the many angelic voices who sung to us this evening we also got an array of other talents like some comedy, musical instruments and my personal favorite – magic tricks!

it has been quite an eventful couple of days and I love seeing what these great group of campers bring to the table every single day!