Update from our Four Trails Groups!

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Camp Merrowvista finally got some rain today!  The storm didn’t last long, but it poured and thundered hard enough to delay Little Haystack’s canoe shakedown in Dan Hole Pond this afternoon. Luckily, the sun came out again to allow for a glorious couple hours of learning paddle strokes and tipping canoes.  They returned from their cycling trip around the Ossipee Mountains on Friday the 13th, successfully crested Camp Hill, and even asked if they could do the trip again!  July 16th is the start of their three day canoe trip in northern Maine.

Madison returned from their three day canoe trip on the 12th, mosquito-bitten but happy.  They spent two days around camp, doing high challenge and team activities, and a hiking shakedown to the Ledge.  They even spent one morning creating four water bars on the Squirrel BIFF Road; service work that would have taken a facilities staff member all day to do.  The water bars were put to the test today in the storm, and held up well.  This morning Madison packed up their backpacks, laced up their hiking boots, threw a sandwich into a paper bag, and headed into the Mahoosuc mountains for 4 days of hiking.

Flag somehow managed to completely dodge the thunderstorm today on their bike shakedown to Skelley’s Market.  They arrived back in camp without having felt a drop of rain.  Having become closer as a team throughout their hiking trip, they are excited to put themselves to the test again with a bicycle trip around the Ossipee Mountains.  They could be seen this morning packing their gear, and creating interpretive dance routines which they willingly performed for any passersby.  They leave tomorrow morning on their bike.

Shaw continues to be the most efficient group of them all.  They headed out on their cycling trip this morning, and if they get any faster at doing things, we will need to start popping their tires to slow them down!  The leaders have plans to find ways to challenge them further on this bicycle trip, with maybe some time goals for camp, and hopefully some good swimming holes in the afternoon.

Nesuntabunt is enjoying their bike ride along the Maine coast line.  Today, they bicycled into Boothbay Harbor on their “rest” day.  While the last few days have been characterized by picturesque bike roads along the coast, including a ferry ride out of Portland, the final 3 days of their trip will provide a physical challenge with some long mileage days to return home.

Chocorua is mid-way through their hiking trip in the Saddleback Mountains.  They have been making good time, and are currently camped at Piazza Rock Campsite.  They have some more climbs to come in the next few days, which will test them as a group, including Saddleback Mountain itself!  We wish them luck with a number of 2000’ climbs in the next couple days!  However, the views will make it more than worth the hard effort.

All Voyageur groups are converging on Yarmouth as they finish their cycling routes around Nova Scotia.  Voyageur A is in a place called Middle West Pubnico, a charming sea coast village with an easy days ride left.  Voyageur B did a century day yesterday, and is now enjoying the last stretch to the ferry.  There also may have been some mud involved in their past couple days!  Voyageur C arrived tonight in Yarmouth, and plans to take a rest day to bike around and explore town.

Odyssey A arrived in Baxter State Park today, and Odyssey B arrives tomorrow as they angle for the optimal ascent of the spirited Mt. Katahdin!  They both have a couple days to summit, so they can choose the best weather day to do the final push.  We are all sending them positive vibes from camp!