Typical Day at Girls Camp

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Typical Day at Girls Camp 2018

After an amazing day filled with co-ed festivities yesterday, Girls Camp got back in the groove of a typical day. We were woken up by the beloved polar bear call and jumped right into Lake Michigan to start off our day. Breakfast this morning was bagels, pineapple,  and  hard boiled eggs. It was a great way to fuel our bodies for the day to come. Following breakfast we had our normal Interest Groups one and two. Zumba danced their way through different songs, Wood shop worked on their bird houses, and Circle Journals made more progress!

Lunch was grilled cheeses and tomato soup, truly a camp favorite. It was the perfect meal to send us off into rest hour. After rest hour we had our very last Assembly. This is a camper favorite so we were all very sad, but the LITs managed to cheer us up with some classic skits. Detective Bree came to the stage for her last performance of the summer, as did the Rodent of the day.  Next was Interest Groups three and four. Crafthouse Medley started modge podging up a storm with old magazines that they cut out of to make new and cool collages. Lake Michigan beach time had campers building sand castles, while some cooled off in the lake. After some camper free time the dinner bell rang.

Dinner tonight was chicken stir fry, rice, and veggie egg rolls. We cannot thank the food program enough for keeping our bellies so happy throughout the entirety of camp. Tonight for Night’s Doings we had Safari. This is always one of the campers and leaders favorites. How it works is all the leaders dress up as different animals and are sprinkled around camp. The campers all have clues to try to find where the leaders are hidden and try their best to bring them back to their home bases. The catch is that the leaders who are dressed up as animals can ask the campers to sing while they walk them back or to paint their nails once they get to the home base. It is a wacky fun night with lots of giggles. Following Night’s Doings we all found our cabin groups and headed down to the beach for a lovely Evening Reflection held by the Explorer One group that just got back from trail! The beautiful sunset, and quotes on acceptance was the perfect way to end this Monday.