Two Week Opening Day!

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What a wonderful day we’ve had here at Miniwanca! Our 98 two week campers arrived today, bringing tons of energy and laughter to our community. It has been a fantastic day here on the shores of Lake Michigan.

The day started off quietly, with a little extra sleep for our three week campers and a traditional Sunday breakfast of Wanca Bread, sausage, hard boiled eggs, and applesauce. Campers headed off for some quiet reflection time and then up to the Church of the Dunes for Something Sacred, our multi-faith Sunday service where campers are welcomed to share a little bit of their own personal connections with something greater than themselves. Today’s theme was loving self and others. Campers Liza, Maddie, and Charlotte as well as leader Maura shared some of their thoughts on how they care for themselves and others. We all also received a necklace with a small mirror on it. Campers were encouraged to look at themselves with love when they look through the mirror, and when they wear the mirror it is a way to reflect love to others.

After lunch, our two weekers started to arrive! As campers moved in and got settled, they took tours, got string from the crafthouse, and started playing games to get to know one another. Our two week campers headed out to Baldy and then down to the beach for a bit of swimming.

Tonight, we headed down to Council Circle for our Opening Council, where all our two week cabins introduced themselves with a cabin cheer! The LITs presented a song about the typical day, and our new Tribal Leaders were elected. Check out the pictures to see which campers are leading which tribes.

Our Voyageur re-ration drivers returned today and report that all the trips are doing really well! The first few days were apparently a bit rainy, but since then the weather has been beautiful and warm, and all the campers are enjoying themselves a lot.

We’re really looking forward to these coming two weeks with our mighty community here at Miniwanca and know that there are many things ahead of us!

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