Try Everything

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Near the end of breakfast each day, a song breaks through the clatter of silverware and morning chatter. After the first notes play, the girls move to the center of the Eating Lodge and dance. Watching their unencumbered dancing and expression is powerful. Each year, we have an anthem that epitomizes our camp spirit. This year, it’s Shakira’s Try Everything.

I won’t give up

No I won’t give in

Till I reach the end

and I start again

Every day, the girls get an opportunity to practice this. They learn that mistakes aren’t the end but the beginning of growth. We see it in Stony Lake as they learn to sail, we see it in Horseback riding as they climb into the saddle, we see it in the Craft House and in the forest. We see it their interpersonal skills as they navigate challenges and resolve them.

It was a glorious Wednesday– brilliant blue skies over navy blue waters. The excitement is rising as we anticipate the arrival of our Odyssey and Voyageur Trips! They’re getting closer and closer to their Ride In on Wednesday. We can’t wait to welcome them back to their Miniwanca home and celebrate their accomplishments and growth.

They won’t give up

No they won’t give in

They want to try even though they could fail

Look how far they’ve come,

they filled their hearts with love