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Trip Report 2018

Oh how the voyageurs have rode! Along the way, Voyageur A has found time to try on a few wedding dresses, Voyageur B has enjoyed diving down a muddy slip n’ slide and Voyageur C has flexed their bike mechanic muscles (being quick studies over the phone on how to re-cable an entire brake system). In order to arrive at camp on the 2nd, Voy C completed a century day, delivering themselves from the south to north shore, where Voy A (who completed their longest mileage day to date!) and Voy B were there to celebrate their achievement. On the 3rd, each group took their own meandering tour of Prince Edward Island, enjoying the scenic bike routes and costal views / beaches. On the 4th these groups will begin their return trips to Yarmouth; Voy A and B traveling staggered down the south shore and Voy C along the north shore.

Nesuntabunt Village arrived back at Merrowvista on the 3rd after completing a trip most challenging through the saddleback range. At their resupply, the group told of braving a hailstorm, the glory of summiting Saddleback Mountain and turned in a goodly amount of garbage, recycling and scrap heap worth relics they had removed from the trails they traveled on. Leave No Trace at its best!

Madison Village finds themselves resting on the shores of bear brook, having just paddled the length of a windy Aziscahos Lake. They will take on the scenic waters of Lake Umbagog on the morrow for the 4th day of their canoe expedition

Back at the top of Aziscahos, Katahdin Village was dropped off on the 3rd to start a paddling pilgrimage of their own! They had a quick paddle today and will be enjoying a beachfront campsite before the head on down the lake on the 4th.

Flag Village scooted out ahead of some weather today as they pushed towards the town of Wolfeboro. They are currently nearing the end of their bike trip touring the lakes region. They will take on the hilly conclusion as they approach the Ossepee Mountains over the next two days.

Shaw Village returned to camp on the 3rd to complete the final day of their bike trip (with blistering efficiency that was not lost on the folks here at camp). Along the way, the group partook in plenty of contact improv (ask them about it!), gained greater understanding concerning the value of self-affirmation, and even helped one village member get to see her first lighthouse up close and personal.

Both Odyssey groups continue on through their route towards Mount Katahdin through the 100 mile wilderness. On the 3rd, Ody A (Co-ed) made it to West Branch Pleasant River and Ody B (male) to East Chairback Pond Lean-to. They are soon approaching one of the highest peaks on their journey…Whitecap Mountain. Both groups are settling in well to the daily trail life, waking up each morning in a new, beautiful campsite and heading out to discover the next destination!

Chocoroa village finds themselves in the midst of their hiking trip through the Mahoosucs. On the 3rd, they topped the multiple summits of Goose Eye Mountain and enjoyed the 360 views attendant there to. On the 4th they will gear up to take on the abundant adventure and puzzling complexity of the fabled Mahoosuc Notch!