Tribal Cup and Something Sacred

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What a wonderful Sunday we have had here at Miniwanca! We started off our day waking up gently to the beautiful sunrise. Sunday is the one day of the week where Miniwanca campers sleep in and skip Polar Bear. The rising bell didn’t ring until 8:30 this morning, giving campers that perfect extra half hour to sleep in.

After our traditional Sunday breakfast of Wancabread, sausages, applesauce, and hard boiled eggs, everyone found a quiet spot for some meditation and reflection time. When the bell rang, we all gathered at Church of the Dunes for Something Sacred. Something Sacred is a special part of our Miniwanca tradition in which we spend some time on Sundays connecting with something greater than ourselves. We have campers who are Christian, Buddhist, Muslim, Jewish, Hindu, atheist, non-practicing, spiritual, and every other possible description under the sun. Something Sacred offers everyone a chance to come together to think about their own values and beliefs and to listen a bit to the practices of others. This week we all created prayer flags, prayers that we have for the community that we will hang in camp in hopes that they fly back out to the community.

After Something Sacred, an amazing lunch of grilled cheese and tomato soup, and Rest Hour, campers convened in Girls Camp Council Circle for the start of Tribal Cup! This is one of the two co-ed events in each session. Campers combined tribes from Boys and Girls Camps and then ventured out into camp to get to know one another, play fun games, and see both sides of camp. At 4:45 we all met on Bryant Field in the Thunderdome and started the Tribal Cup Competition. Campers competed in minute-to-win-it style challenges, such as tying a balloon on a string to their ankle and trying to keep their balloon alive while popping the other contestants balloons, all for Tribal Points! After that exciting event, we had an awesome cook out dinner on Bryant Field and ate brownies for dessert that the Boys Camp Challengers made this morning as their service project.

As I write this, our Girls Campers sit in the Upper Tipi watching Moana and having some well deserved rest after such a big and exciting day. We had a fantastic day today and cannot wait to see what tomorrow has in store for us.