Tribal Council

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Miniwanca, Girls Camp, Summer Camp, Michigan

It has been another wonderful day here at Miniwanca today! We rose to a bright and hot day here on the shore of Lake Michigan, and campers gleefully headed down to the lake to take a quick dip. Morning Stretch today was brought to us by Cabin 10 and the theme was opportunity. Campers talked about what opportunities they have been grateful for, like coming to camp or being part of teams at school and encouraged us to not let opportunities pass us by.

The day started off the typical way with morning Interest Groups. Campers got in one final round of Miniwanca Magic, Soccer, Wanca Spa, and Sailing before heading off to a wonderful lunch of baked potatoes and garden chili. As is traditional for Fridays, we had an extended Rest Hour this afternoon, and campers took full advantage of the extra nap time. As the bell rang, our one week friends rose to start the packing and cleaning process. How crazy that a full week has already passed us by and tomorrow it will be time for our one week friends to go home!

Our Darer campers headed down to the creek to do some tubing this afternoon, and our 7th graders headed to Lake Michigan for some beach time. The 6th graders hiked over to Boys Camp to participate in a team challenge, and our 8th graders headed to Graceland to start learning about Gear Pack Out for their Trailblazer trip.

This morning, our Explorer and Adventurers all headed out to start their bike trips! The Explorers are off on a four day adventure here in Western Michigan where they will journey on a supported bike trip. Our Adventurers are heading off unsupported (meaning they carry everything they need for the trip with them on their bikes) for a 500 mile trek that will take them through Traverse City and all the way to the tip of the Leelanau Peninsula. We won’t see our Adventurer campers here at camp again until August 1st! Our Voyageurs have just received their re-ration and are enjoying all of the mail and packages we sent their way. The Odyssey campers have crossed into Canada after a fun day at Niagara Falls on Wednesday!

Tonight was the Tribal Council! The rainy evening forced us indoors, but nothing could keep these campers down. Campers preformed three acts in their tribes to the themes of Fire, Water, Air, and Earth. There were songs, dances, cheers, and skits galore, as well as a number of camper- and staff-led camp songs between each act. At the end of the night, the Trail tribe pulled out a narrow win ahead of the Dune tribe. We will find out tomorrow which tribe is currently in first place in the Tribal standings!