To Aspire Nobly

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As our three-week voyage of discovery heads into its final few days, the community has become deeply intertwined, cabins feel like home, and everyone has accepted the dare to discover their own best selves.

After the Polar Bear dip and Morning Stretch, a breakfast of toasted English muffins filled with eggs, oatmeal, fruit, and cereal filled everyone up. Then campers dashed back to their cabins to grab journals and move onto their CORE (Connect, Orient, Reflect, and Empower) small groups. CORE is a safe space to develop a deeper connection with oneself by discussing topics that spur personal awareness and growth.

At lunch, Girls Camp Director Emily Knuth shared a clue to help campers find the elusive Heart of Camp wooden sculpture. Resembling the Founder medal fire, this small carving has traveled around the property all summer. It’s been found perched in a tree and even stacked on a shelf in the I Dare You Library. “Think peanut butter and chocolate,” Emily said to eager campers ready to seek it out and earn Quad points.

Soon, clay pottery was baking in the Lower Lodge kiln. Across the Hollow, campers braided a dozen more Kumihimo bracelets, and in the wood shop, others sanded a collection of creations. In the late afternoon, the Draws, Dunes, Ridges,and Trails gathered for Quad games. Campers crab-walked as fast as they could to be the first to capture a rubber chicken across the field. The cheers and friendly competition continued as the excitement over who will win the shield this summer mounts.

After dinner concluded, the weekly Action Awards were presented in the Eating Lodge. Campers receive Action Awards for positive actions like showing leadership or spreading kindness. When a camper receives the award, they pass it forward the following week, highlighting the good deed of another young leader caught in action, aspiring nobly.

The evening slowed down with a Night’s Doings favorite, the Sing Down, held in the Community Circle. Quads take turns singing songs that contain the word given by the judges. The last Quad able to sing a song with that word wins the round. How many songs do you know with the word “love” or “Miniwanca?”  On the beach, the bright orange sun slipped behind the clouds as the community listened to Evening Reflections. Soon, the last sliver of the sun disappeared over the horizon, and the community headed to bed.