To Adventure Daringly

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Almost one week into this three-week journey, the Camp Miniwanca community is settling into a balanced rhythm. Under the umbrella of Miniwanca magic, campers are seeking new adventures, building connections, and embracing reflection as they work toward a deeper sense of self. We practice living into the lofty goal of “My Own Self, at My Very Best, All the Time,” and love is found around the edges when we fall short.

As the golden day began, the Polar Bears dipped, followed by morning stretch in the Hollow, reflection time, flag raising, and then a silent stroll into the Eating Lodge for breakfast. Soon, the Wayfinder age group hiked to Graceland to pack bags, prepare tents, and package food for their overnight camping experience that would take place in the deep wooded acres later in the day.

On Stony Lake, the boathouse filled with campers paddle boarding and canoeing. Across the bay, a sand volleyball game ensued, while the Lilly Pad was bursting with splashing and swimming.

After a dinner of rigatoni with meat sauce, garlic bread, and green beans with chickpeas, campers moved onto Night’s Doings. At Boys Camp, the community gathered in the Eating Lodge joining in song, stomping their feet and raucously clapping.

Soon the cry “Gold Rush!” echoed across Bryant Field, as the Quads raced to collect gold and deposit it safely in the bank before bandits could tag them.

In Girl’s Camp, age group camp outs were underway. The Darers circled up in their sleeping bags to camp in the Hollow under the stars. The Seekers could be seen on the Green Acre and Lake Michigan beach, and the Wayfinders were successful in hiking to the Well site to tent for the night.

With sand in every sleeping bag and between every toe, campers settled in for the evening filled with the sense of awe and wonder that comes when one lives fully into a daring adventure.

On the horizon, the day ended with an orange, pink and violet sunset as giggles floated above the sound of the breaking Lake Michigan waves.


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