The Start of Something New

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Sunday was a beautiful day as the sun shone, birds chirped, and camp buzzed. Excitement and anticipation was in the air for the start of Session B with a new mix of campers who are returning, continuing from Session A, or attending Girls Camp for the first time. Everyone was excited for what lies ahead in the next three weeks.

With a fun, safe summer in mind, the first full day at Miniwanca was brimming with different activities, including morning rotations where cabin photos were taken and afternoon interest groups that whisked campers into new activities.

Night’s Doings consisted of the Opening Fire, the traditional first Night’s Doings, where everyone is formally welcomed into camp, cabin groups introduce themselves, and quads are formed. The event radiates community and connection mixed with fun songs and even funnier skits.

The Opening Fire was the perfect event to preclude Evening Reflection, which promotes quiet thought before campers and staff call it a night. Session B is off to a wonderful start as campers settle in to their home for the summer and grow closer to being their very best selves.