The Rains Have Come!

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Yesterday was another very golden day here in the Canaan Valley, but we’ve all hung in there with help of our very own hydration station (that’s the golf cart packed with water coolers and spray bottles). Heather and Scott from the Facilities team were hard at work hanging up a string of misters by the Bahn which provided some sweet release from the heat. In camp activities are booming! We’re now on our fourth day of the in camp schedule and groups are settling into their routines. Several campers have been hard at work getting bull’s eyes at our archery range and skipper’s licenses in sailing down at our waterfront.

EZ time has been very easy giving campers the chance to recharge after mornings packed with activities, and the fans in the cabins have been great! Many campers have been taking full advantage of our beautiful waterfront during Your Time to cool off and get in a cannon ball or two. Last night was a wacky one with both crazy dinner and MV Idol! Kids were clad in their zaniest attire in the Eating Lodge and started a conga line in the middle of the meal. We gathered at the amphitheater for MV Idol after dinner where several staff members performed a variety of talents, everything from saxophones to beat boxing, and choreographed dances to dramatic shampoo readings.

This morning at flag raising the rains finally came! A downpour quickly quenched the valley breaking this long stretch of heat and we are grateful! Two of our Trailblazer villages, Liberty and Lafayette, head off on their three day hiking trip in the Ossipee Mountain Range minutes ago! Chanting and cheers could be heard from Base Camp as they departed on their adventure. The rest of the day has settled out into some cool and welcomed drizzling. We’re looking forward to our giant game of staff and camper hide and seek in Camper Leader Hunt tonight! Villages are settled and smiles are abound as we cool off and hit the ground running!