The Great Gold Rush of Session A

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Miniwanca, Gold Rush, wild west, show down

Today, campers were greeted by sunny skies and Polar Bear calls to start off their mornings. The audacious few ventured down to Lake Michigan and dunked themselves into the chilly waters, all in pursuit of the Polar Bear shirt to come. Soon after, campers cleaned their cabins and gathered in the Hollow for Morning Stretch. Cabin 12 led morning stretch and reflection, and then led the camp community into the eating lodge for a yummy breakfast of ham, cheese, and egg biscuits.

Our In-Camp friends continued to attend CORE and attended their morning Interest Groups. As for our Four Trails friends, Odyssey G1 returned safe and sound from their shake down while Odyssey G2 headed out on theirs. ADV went out on a trip to Country Dairy for their shake down and returned by the end of the day to our sandy shores.

As the typical Miniwanca day carried on, campers participated in Quad meetings, afternoon Interest Groups, dinner, and then Nights Doings. Nights Doings was like no other tonight. We participated in the first ever co-ed Night’s Doings of GOLD RUSH. The bandits and cowboys rallied up in the wild west of Four Seasons field and had a battle to the finish with the Ridges/Reaches/Beaches taking the win! Games included Gold Rush, Rock Paper Scissors Splits, Relays, and the Pig Call Challenge. It was a camp favorite for both sides. Our Girls Campers then headed back for an evening reflection on the beach and are resting up for the crazy 4th of July activities of tomorrow.