The Adventures of our Three Week Campers

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Closing day, Miniwanca, One week campers

We got an early start to our day here at Miniwanca today with a 7:30 rising bell. Why would we wake up so early on a weekend, you may ask? Sadly, it was closing day for our One Week camper friends. This morning they threw the last of their things into their bags and after a tasty breakfast their parents started to arrive.

In the midst of the hellos between campers and parents, our first group of Trailblazers got started on their first off-site trip with Miniwanca! These Teebz (as we tend to call them) will spend three days and two nights hiking in the Manistee National Forest.  When they return, they’ll get a quick rest in camp for an evening and then head out on a three day canoeing adventure down the White River.

The three week in-camp campers also engaged in some fun activities, starting with games in the Hollow and ending with some service projects. Our Avail campers, the in-camp high schoolers, helped do some gardening over in Boys Camp while the younger campers did some beach maintenance and helped clean up some of our spaces around camp.

By this time the one week campers were heading home, having watched their slide shows, received their rewards, and said goodbye to all their friends. It was a small community that met at lunch for turkey grilled cheese sandwiches and  broccoli cheese soup, but we all enjoyed a little quiet as we rested before over 80 campers join us for more fun tomorrow. The afternoon included a relaxing hang out with some swimming and boating at Stony Lake. Dinner was hot dogs, carrots, and pretzels, and then we enjoyed a special treat for dessert – ice cream sundaes!

Now, as the sun begins to set over Miniwanca, the campers are enjoying more relaxation and fun together. There are friends watching the sunset and chatting, digging in the sand, and enjoying a bonfire. It’s been another amazing day on the shores of Lake Michigan and we can’t wait to see what tomorrow has in store for us.