Taco Tuesday

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Miniwanca, Girls Camp, Onesie Tuesday

Hello from Miniwanca! Welcome back to the blog. Today we started this beautiful golden day off with Morning Stretch led by Cabin 30 on flexibility. We also all danced to the Rocketgizer of Cotton Eye Joe. Campers then headed to a tasty breakfast of egg and cheese sandwiches. Fueled up for their day they headed out to CORE and Interest Groups 1 and 2. Sailing had some perfect winds out on Stony Lake while in the Crafthouse campers worked on beautiful bead jewelry and clay animals.

With much joy, the community rushed to the Eating Lodge for lunchtime TACO TUESDAY! We all sang our taco song and enjoyed the meal. After, campers had Rest Hour followed by Quad Meetings. In Quad Meetings, campers started to plan and prepare for Low Council, which is coming up on Friday. In Low Council, they will have to perform a skit, a song, and another act. Their three acts will be judged on creativity, brevity, and inclusion.

The afternoon Interest Groups were full of more fun, games, and laughter as campers sailed and paddle boarded, crafted, made projects in the woodshop and more. After a fun Free Time hour, it was dinner and campers filled their bodies with ravioli, green beans, and garlic bread. Tonight’s Nights Doings included an epic game of Grab Bag with Bre! We’re still waiting to hear who won, but in an exciting turn of events the Trails found the paddle that has been hidden since Friday!

To close our night, we ended on the beach with Evening Reflection by Cabin 26 on the theme of flexibility. The campers shared how important it is to be flexible in life and how flexibility can lead to so much more happiness. The sunset as we reflected was absolutely beautiful and now campers are off to another peaceful night’s sleep.