Summer camp 2023 registration starts strong

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Temperatures may be dropping, but the American Youth Foundation is fully focused on warm sunny days ahead as registration opened for 2023 summer camp this week.

Already, more than 200 campers at Miniwanca and more than 100 campers at Merrowvista have begun the registration process, eager to explore the dunes of Lake Michigan and the mountains of New Hampshire.

“It’s always exciting to open registration and watch those first applications come in,” said Merrowvista Client Relations Manager Jamie O’Hagin. “The Merrowvista team is already thinking ahead to how we can make summer 2023 the best yet.”

This year, Miniwanca and Merrowvista are offering one-, two-, and three-week program options during Sessions A and B. These shorter sessions are intended to help new, younger campers take their first steps toward discovering their best selves.

“We’re thrilled to welcome so many new and returning families next summer,” said Client Relations Manager Jessica Cheney. “The one-week option is a great choice for a new camper to experience Miniwanca magic for the first time.”

The AYF is committed to making the camp experience accessible to as many youth as possible.

“Tuition revenue does not cover the true cost of our programs,” said Vice President Liz Marshall. “The foundation pays almost one-third of each participant’s cost, bringing the tuition down for all.”

In addition, participants and their families are invited to apply for financial support to make summer camp more affordable. Director of Community Life, Diversity, and Inclusion Ambrean Ford worked to make the need-based financial aid process more transparent this year.

“Offering financial aid makes the outdoors more accessible,” said Ford. “It’s important families know that support is available so their camper can experience the life-changing power of an AYF program in these beautiful natural settings.”

Marshall said generous donations from alumni and families make it possible for the AYF to provide this assistance. “Our community’s investment in youth directly supports hundreds of campers each year,” she said. “Their contributions ignite a spark in campers, helping unleash their best in the world.”

Contribute to the AYF Annual Fund to help more campers experience Miniwanca and Merrowvista next summer.