Stony Lake Fun Day

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Stony Lake Sailors 2017

Yesterday ended our first week of camp, and it was both a sad and very happy day. The morning brought sadness as we said goodbye to our one week campers, who had filled the camp with so much joy and laughter all throughout the week. They built fairy houses and excitedly looked for replies to the letters they wrote to the fairies, sang songs about a world that was Macaroni, and filled the camp with so much fun and laughter. We will most certainly miss them all!

Our three week campers spent the morning in service to the community. The Juniors headed down to Graceland to help repair a mural that was interrupted by construction a few years ago, and the Avail community helped us with the rebuild of our Creekview cabin. Avail got to put up siding, help breakdown window frames, and tear out roots that were in the way.

After a nice, relaxing rest hour, all of Girls Camp headed down to the Stony Lake waterfront for a Stony Lake Fun Day! We sailed and paddle boarded, played Nucomb, jumped off the docks and swam, and had a glorious time. After dinner, we all got to enjoy an ice cream social and headed off with our cabins to have some chill cabin time and rest up for our upcoming week. We’re so excited to be welcoming our two week campers and Voyageurs to camp today!