The Start of A New Week

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Though it is only Saturday, in camp time it is already the start of a new week! Yesterday campers chose their new round of Interest Groups and they headed right into them first thing this morning after a beautiful, sunny Polar Bear.

All day long, campers participated in RASKAL, Creative Writing, Harry Potter, Sailing, Climbing, Zumba, Zen Tangles, Glitter Girl Power, Honey I Shrunk the Camp, Yoga and Meditation, Lake Michigan Beach Time, Chillin’ with Chels, Miniwanca Memories, Miniwanca Magic, Wandering Watercolors, Theater, Fishing, Hockey, Soccer, Wood Shop, Ceramics, and more. This round of Interest Groups brought the most offerings we’ve had so far this summer, and the leaders and LITs are bringing all their creativity and love into this last week of camp.

After Rest Hour, campers headed out to the fields for some Tribal Games (are great)! Campers competed in Block Soccer, Captain Ball, Deck Tennis, Smashball to earn tribal points. And speaking of tribal points, the Ridges found the paddle today right after lunch! This is the first Ridge paddle find this session and the campers were thrilled to earn points in that way.

Rest Hour brought another perfect opportunity for campers to head down to Lake Michigan and search for the newly hidden paddle, but campers didn’t find it until right after dinner! The clue “Let’s get to the root of this situation” was too easy for the Draw tribe and they were back within five minutes of the end of dinner with the paddle in hand.

After dinner, everyone gathered in Assembly for the start of Leader Hunt! In this activity, leaders hide around camp and the campers must go find them to earn points for their tribe. The Draw Tribe brought their “A” game and won the day!

We ended the night with a Vespers from both cabins 24 and 34 on creativity and watched a beautiful sunset over Lake Michigan.