Something Sacred

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Foresters on the Beach 2016

We awoke to another beautiful day at Miniwanca with blue skies and white, puffy clouds. It’s hard to believe that today marks the beginning of the last week of camp!

All of our rising 7th graders, the Foresters, returned from their trail experience at the Well Site during breakfast. They brought back stories of their adventures with tent camping and the many laughs they shared out in the woods. Campers enjoyed Wanca Bread for breakfast and then headed into quiet time to practice gratitude. Soon after, everyone gathered at the Church of the Dunes for Something Sacred.

Church of the Dunes perches a top a sand dune and nestles in the woods. The wind blows through the open air space and the sun-dappled light dances in the green leaves.

Sundays invite our entire community to take time for spirituality. Our camp family includes many religions and our day honors both our diversity as well as what unites us. Miniwanca is a sacred, safe place that invites us to ponder our purpose and how we can connect to something greater than ourselves.

Our Something Sacred time centered on the Spiritual Practices of Compassion, Faith, Kindness, Vision and Attention. Several campers shared their beautiful, personal reflections on these different themes. A walking meditation asked each camper to focus on four different areas: Serve Humbly, Positive Community, Balanced Living and Best Self. Something Sacred provided a purposeful pause and time for quiet introspection.

After lunch and Rest Hour, we geared up for T-1 4, a much-anticipated time when we join with Boys Camp. This time allows both Boys and Girls camps to come together to socialize and experience each other’s camps. Campers play  co-ed Tribal Games across both camps and then we gather for a yummy cookout dinner on Bryant Field in Boys Camp.