Soldiers and Spies!

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What a beautiful day it has been at Miniwanca! Our campers started off this golden day with some Waterfront Fun (with a light swim assessment) down at Stony Lake and then hopped right into their Interest Groups for the day. Some fun new options this week include Ukulele and Glitter and Girl Power. Campers also got in some climbing, sailing, pool party, archery, crafthouse medley, and community service fun among many other interest groups!

This afternoon we headed down to Assembly to see what the LITs had in store for us and receive Tribal t-shirts. Assembly today included a Lip Sync Battle, Bre vs. Maura – Bre won! Definitely check out the photo site for pictures of that. It was hilarious!

Evening found the campers participating in a favorite Night’s Doings – Soldiers and Spies! This Night’s Doings involves some campers acting as spies trying to pass “messages” between two bases for their tribe while soldiers from other tribes try to catch them and guess where they are hiding the messages. It’s always a Night’s Doings full of fun and excitement and tonight did not disappoint. The Ridges showed up and won with a commanding 10 point lead!

Evening Reflection was led by cabin 54B and focused on Balanced Living. Camper were encouraged to reflect on the Four Folds and then added a finger print to a beautiful tapestry of a tree. The sunset could not have been more beautiful, and just as the sun slipped over the horizon a sailboat came into view. Today has been a wonderful Miniwanca day, and we’re looking forward to our Fourth of July celebrations happening all day tomorrow!

Miniwanca Summer Camp sunset sailboat