Soldiers and Spies and Swim Checks, Oh My!

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Miniwanca, Girls Camp, fun day, cabin photo

Wow! Another wonderful day at Miniwanca is already over. Today started off with Cabin 20 leading Morning Stretch with the flash mob and a discussion about balanced living and what it means to them. The community then reflected on the topic before heading into a filling meal of bagels, pineapple, and breakfast bar. After, our new campers headed down to Stony Lake for their swim checks and fun at the Lily Pad. To finish off the morning, campers headed to their Interest Groups. For our three week friends, this is the first day of a new round of activities. Campers were able to sign up last night for all new choices.

At lunch we enjoyed a camp favorite of grilled cheese and tomato soup. Campers cheered, danced, and sang as they cleaned the Eating Lodge and contributed to our positive community. After their energy was all worn out, campers and leaders headed back to their cabins for Rest Hour to recharge for the rest of the day.

The remainder of the day occurred in “typical” Miniwanca fashion. Campers headed to their afternoon Interest Groups, snack, and free time. They enjoyed some barbecue chicken, potatoes and peas for dinner, and competed in a fun and crazy camp game called Soldiers and Spies. Throughout this game, quads were set to send and intercept messengers from location to location at camp for quad points. The game ended with the Draws winning and singing out their Paul Revere cheer. As it ended, the staff and campers alike let out a happy chant of “If you had fun you won!”

Cabin 26 led our Evening Reflection on the topic of respect to close the night on the beach. The silver skies limited the sunset views but Lake Michigan was still as beautiful as ever. As another day comes to a close, campers now sleep tight on a chilly night waiting for the next day to come.