Session B begins at Merrowvista

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Last Friday, Merrowvista bid farewell to the rest of the campers in Session A. After a quick intersession for staff to get some well-deserved rest, camp welcomed the Session B campers on Sunday.

Session B brings many more Four Trails participants than Session A. Each will embark on different hiking trips throughout the session. On Wednesday, this year’s Odyssey trip left for an 18-day trip on the 100-mile wilderness of the Appalachian Trail.

Pioneers and Seekers are diving into interest groups like archery and woodworking. The entire community celebrates achievements at these activities, like when campers who made a bull’s-eye are applauded during lunch.

On Thursday night, a remarkable live production of Merrowvista Idol, a talent show put on by staff for campers, took place inside the Bahn due to rainy weather. Notable acts included a saxophone arrangement, breathtaking singing, and a unique painting performance.

To end the show with a bang, the staff sang and danced to “Firework” by Katy Perry. Fifteen seconds into the song, the entire Bahn was a big dance party.