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What a wonderful day we’ve had at Miniwanca! After a weekend full of excitement and fun, we were all happy to get back to our typical day schedule today.

We started the day with our normal Polar Bear call and Morning Stretch. Today Cabin 22 shared about growth and how they experience it and how important it is in their lives. In an exciting turn of events, Cabin 22 found the paddle which has been hidden since last Tuesday! The paddle is a literally that, a small wooden canoe paddle. We hide it around camp, give clues, and campers search for it to gain points for their Quad. The Draws have been holding a strong lead the last few days, and this paddle find surely put them in a good position for the end of the week!

After a tasty morning breakfast of bagels, hard boiled eggs, and pineapple we headed out to CORE and our Interest Groups. Lunch had us eating grilled cheese and tomato soup, a camp favorite! Rest Hour was much needed by our tuckered out campers and when the bell rang to end it they were all ready for Assembly. After an hour of moo offs, lip sync battles, trivia, and more the campers were ready for their third and fourth Interest Groups.

At dinner we enjoyed a veggie stir fry and brownies for dessert. Then it was time for yet another camp favorite – Safari! Dressed as various animals, mythical and real, the leaders were spread around camp just waiting to be found. The campers had to find the leaders and convince them to head back to Assembly with them for Quad points. Each time the leaders entered a Quad pen, that Quad got a point. It was a fun, silly time and we hope you check out the photos on our Smugmug account!

We ended the evening with a reflection from Cabin 19A on growth. To borrow a quote from one of those campers, “Don’t go through life, GROW through life.” We hope that for you and all our campers. Have a good night, Miniwanca family!