Safari, Growth, and a Typical Day

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Miniwanca, Girls Camp, summer camp, Lake Michigan, Michigan

It was a beautiful golden day here at Miniwanca this Monday July 10th! We started our morning with a bit of a cloudy sky and all took a rest from the Polar Bear plunge this morning. Morning Stretch was led by cabin 22 and the theme of the day was growth, and awesome theme for our Foresters who have just returned from their first experience with the wilderness.

The typical day got off to a great start as campers headed down to the Green Acre to play some kickball while others went to the crafthouse for knitting and dream catchers, and more campers headed to Stony Lake to sail. We ate pizza for lunch today and found out that the Dunes (or rather, the Crunes) won Tribal Cup yesterday! A Trails camper, Abby,  won a few points for her tribe today by finding the Paddle on the way to Assembly. In Assembly, the campers challenged Liz Marshall, our Girls Camp Director, to sing any song they named from the song book. They tried to stump her, but Liz Marshall is just too good! Liz claims to know every song in our song book here at camp.

The afternoon was full of more interest groups, including ceramics, improv, dancing, and Glitter and Girl Power, and many a camper enjoyed the beautiful weather down at Lake Michigan today during Free Time. Night’s Doings tonight was Safari! This crazy activity has leaders dressing up like animals and roaming around while the campers try to lure them back to Assembly to gain Tribal points. Congratulations to the Ridges, our winners of the night.

We closed our day out with a Vespers led by cabin 24, and watched a beautiful pink and orange sunset over the lake. It’s been a wonderful day at Miniwanca, and we’re excited for another one tomorrow.