Ride In Day!

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Ride In Day at Miniwanca! Some even refer to it as “a day better than Christmas”. On this exciting day, we welcomed home our intrepid Odyssey and Voyager campers.

Before the ride in, bright and early at 7:45 this morning came the rising bell. Campers hopped out of bed to get ready for Doc Wheels, our once-a-session co-ed Fun Run with Boys Camp. The run is named after a doctor who worked at Miniwanca once upon a time and loved to run. Since the days of Doc Wheels, campers have completed the Doc Wheels Fun Run, which takes them from Creek Field, into Girls Camp, out to Boys Camp, up over Baldy, through the draw, down the beach and back to the Green Acre for donuts and other goodies for breakfast.

After their arduous toil over the dunes, campers were thrilled to encounter the donuts, water, and bananas at the Green Acre. A quick Polar Bear dip and some dancing perked them up, and by the time Odyssey and Voyageur were ready for ride in at 9:55 the energy in camp was at full blast. Odyssey came riding down the Green Acre, dumped their bikes and met Voyageur campers out in the water. Together they sang Founder Hearts and then we all celebrated their safe and triumphant return home.

After much cheering, hugs, and tears, campers regathered in the Hollow to dress their leaders! Campers were given 15 minutes to create the perfect costume for a camper or leader in their sister cabin grouping. There was a bride, the statue of liberty, some fancy clothes and so much more.

After a pizza lunch, campers headed into a typical day with Extended Rest Hour, followed by IG’s 3 & 4. Astonishingly enough, today was the last round of our afternoon IGs for the session. How has this day come so soon? It feels like only yesterday the campers were choosing their first Interest Groups, and yet here we are already. After that final chance to sail, climb, shoot arrows, learn survival skills, create ceramics, knit and more, campers headed into a relaxing Free Time. The paddle, which was hidden on Monday night, has still not been found. Campers are eagerly searching for it to win a few more points for their tribe.

After dinner, campers headed out to the Assembly for our Leader Show, titled A Wink In Time. A camper from the summer of 1938 is transported to Miniwanca in 2017 and has to learn to cope with time travel, new friends, being her best self, creating an inclusive community, and being a leader. This show is a tradition from way back in the day, and is always a hit at camp. Be sure to ask your camper about it and find out more!

We ended the night with a Vespers by Avail on being their best selves. After this moving end to the night, everyone headed off to the cabins to tuck in and get some rest. We’re looking forward to tomorrow!