The Return of Taco Tuesday – 6/28/16

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We had a glorious Tuesday at Boys Camp! The sun was shining, and we were really able to get into a daily routine. After Flag Raising and Breakfast we moved into Interest Group 1. Some campers went to the waterfront for fishing and sailing, others learned about improv theater, and others enjoyed some time at the craft house.

Mid morning saw the beginning of Community Time, which is a block of time every day for our 3 age groups to gather for some intentional community building. Each age group used that time on Tuesday to play games, learn names, and connect.

After Community time is Tribal Games. The Tribes gather on Bryant Field for some head to head competition. Yesterday saw the Beaches and Breakers tie in soccer, and the Sands beat the Creeks in kickball.

After lunch all of camp went back to their cabins for Rest Hour. Campers take time to nap, read, or write letters during the hottest part of the day.

After Rest Hour all of Boys Camp met for Assembly in Council Circle. We sang songs, and were entertained by some of our cabin leaders. A new skit premiered called “Wanca Cops,” and all of camp is buzzing about how Officers Atwater and Frochlichstein will crack the case of the Class 5 Peanut Butter violation.

Another afternoon of Interest Groups and Free time, and we all gathered for dinner. There are some traditions that have stood the test of time at camp, and Taco Tuesday tops any list of camper favorites. As tacos were being assembled, Adam attempted to make it “Beach Boys Taco Tuesday,” but Boys Camp quickly squashed that idea to demand the return of “Techno Taco Tuesday!” Once the beat started campers jumped from their seats, and began dancing around the dining hall!

After dinner Boys Camp met back in Council Circle to play Wizards and Lizards! Our staff had mysteriously been transformed into either Wizards, who offered points for completing challenges, or Lizards, who take points away. The only way to defend against the power of the Lizards is to sing camp songs loudly, so the hillsides of camp were echoing with music! The Sands won the night, which puts them into an early lead in the Tribal Standings!

We finished the night with a reflection in the Meadow led by the Adventurers. It was a beautiful way to end a great day in Boys Camp!