The Return of Adventurer & Explorer

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This morning there was a beautiful start to the day as the mist burned off in the morning sunshine. Our brave Polar Bears headed down to start their day with a splash, and we all gathered in the Hollow to listen to Trailblazer 2 talk about wonder.

After some tasty breakfast sandwiches to fuel us up for the day, campers headed out for CORE and their morning IGs. After some soccer, pottery, Harry Potter, Circle Journals, campers all met in the Hollow just before lunch to welcome home our Adventurer campers! The Adventurers have just completed a 500 mile bike trip to the Leelanau Peninsula and Traverse City. After braving the hills of Northern Michigan, we are so happy to welcome them back to Miniwanca for the last few days of camp. “We are proud of you” indeed!

The afternoon continued in a typical way with Tribal Games and afternoon IGs. Campers spent their Free Time in the Crafthouse, swimming in Lake Michigan, and searching for the paddle. Just before dinner started, we welcomed home our Explorer campers, who are returning to Miniwanca after 6 days of canoeing the Manistee River. This completes the second of their two trips, and represents their first big step into the Four Trails Program.

This evening we had the amazing chance to enjoy the Talent Show! Our Avail campers hosted the event, which featured singing, dancing, joke-telling, and more. We had several original songs, including those from campers Ellison and Louisa. Julia astonished us all by playing the ukulele behind her head AND singing to her own accompaniment. Campbell and Elle showed their gymnastics skills, and Ella, Ellie, Maddi, Sam, Grace, and Meera told some jokes (what do you call your cat after you put it in the fridge? The coolest cat in town!). Maddi also played the piano and Rhoswyn played the flute. Abby and Kate did a classic “Not Your Arms” sketch that had us all laughing. Sophie and Anna sang a cute duet about being sisters, and Emily helped us transition to the Adventurer vespers on overcoming obstacles by leading everyone in Barges.

It has been another wonderful day here on the shores of Lake Michigan. We’re looking forward to the Doc Wheels Fun Run tomorrow and our Ody and Voy Ride In!