Reasons Teens Should Go To Camp

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Music makers in Boys Camp

By Will Shelton

A few days ago, we stumbled across this article, and I was very eager to read it. We love to have teens as part of our camps both as individuals learning about themselves, and as role models to our younger campers. I was looking for information to share with families about even more benefits of a summer camp experience. We tend to see a drop off from campers in their teen years as they have more opportunities available, and the pressure to specialize grows.

Then I read it. You should too. I’ll wait…

Notice anything familiar? If you’ve been a part of our programs, you just might see some of the AYF mission in the author’s 5 points:

  • Best Self: Our motto, My own self, At my very best, All the time, challenges us to know ourselves and our capacities.
  • Balanced Living: We encourage people to seek a balance in mental, physical, social, and religious living.
  • Positive Community: We teach people to use their gifts to create positive change in their communities and in the wider world.

As our camps begin to fill for Summer 2017, I am reminded that youth, teens, and adults alike can benefit from a philosophy of inclusion and personal growth. And I’m happy to work at a place that teaches it.