Rainy Goodbyes

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Rainy Goodbyes 2018

In Girls Camp it was another gray day on Lake Michigan. This was appropriate because of the bittersweet nature of the day. We had to say goodbye to our one weekers as they were reunited with their families. After an early breakfast of eggs and hash browns the one weekers waited in downtown Miniwanca for their families to arrive. Once all the families were back together they made their way to the Assembly where our very own photographer, Hannah Brawley, had put together an amazing slide show. Following the slide show both Girls and Boy Camp gathered in West Camp Council Circle for closing council. Campers were given polar bear shirts if they polar beared every morning. In addition to these t-shirts every camper received a Founder Medal for them to remember the be their best selves all the time.

The three weekers enjoyed a morning of service and relaxation. Campers worked around camp to make sure that we ‘leave no trace’ in the beautiful environment we get to live in this summer. After service we had an early lunch of enchiladas pie, chips and salsa.  Following lunch we had another extended rest hour! Because it was raining on and off again all day we decided to do some fun rotations in the afternoon. There was reading in the Ohle Center, dodgeball in the Assembly, and you cannot forget about the good old Crafthouse! After some camper free time we made our way to dinner, which was hotdogs! Following dinner we had our famous ice cream social where the campers got to make their own bowl of ice cream with yummy toppings. After dinner, because it had started raining even more, we decided to get all cozy in our pajamas and make our way to the upper lodge for a movie night!!! We all snuggled up and watched Coco! After the movie we all headed to our cabins for a great night sleep.